Friday, September 13, 2013

Seeking Reviewers for Non-English Language Works

I am seeking reviewers for gay Sherlock Holmes works in languages other that English.

What I need:
A 100-200 word review of the work in the language it was written in (e.g. Chinese or Japanese language) and a translation of the review into English.  I require non-exclusive perpetual rights to post the review on this blog.

What I Will Provide:
I will buy the doujinshi or other non-English work and have it shipped to you.  I will pay $10 (US) via paypal for the completed review. 

The work must be on the subject of "gay Sherlock Holmes", because that is what this blog is about.


If you are interested please email me at veinglory at with the name of the title you wish to review and your mailing address.

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