Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friend of my Heart 2

Friend of My Heart 2 is a 133 page comb-bound, letter-sized, two-column zine released in 1994 by P.P. Press. It contains 23 stories. (This zine is 100% H/W).

  • Cape Noctem by J. H. Watson
  • Communication by Chronicler
  • A Chance for Love by Mary Rose Watson
  • Monologue by Ophelia
  • Echoes of Your Heart by Natasha
  • The Progress of Love by Mary Rose Watson
  • The Resident Doctor J. H. Watson
  • The Glory of Love by Ophelia
  • Stay With Me 'Til Morn by Natasha
  • A Better Restorative
  • Captivity and Freedom by Chronicler
  • A Time to Heal by Natasha
  • Valediction by Gloria Lancaster
  • Losses by Mary Rose Watson
  • What the Landlady Saw by Sydney Carton
  • The Evening of a Long Day by Gloria Lancaster
  • Lyonnesse by Gloria Lancaster
  • A Cause for Rejoicing by Escott
  • Turkish Delight by Ophelia
  • Changes by Natasha
  • Out of Step by Escott
  • Chess-mate by Sydney Carton
  • Someone To Watch Over Me by Chronicler

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