Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Framing of Dorian Gray--Barry Lowe

I came across this e-book on Amazon. At about 11,000 words this is not a terribly long story. It starts off on a rather unpromising note, by introducing a younger sister for Sherlock Holmes, and doing so blithely--as if this extra-canonical character requires no explanation. Isobel's adult son has gone missing and Holmes agrees to track him down.

After visiting several locations the errant nephew is found and rescued from the famous fictional gentleman named in the title. The erotic content of the story amounts to a lot of suggestion throughout and a fairly explicit rape scene that I could have done without. Holmes' sexuality is left somewhat ambiguous although H/W is pretty much ruled out.

The story has a few amusing moments, but the language seem rather anachronistic and there are some formatting issues. I would consider this story a curiosity at best. Holmes doesn't do anything terribly impressive as a detective and the story doesn't really go anywhere that I would consider interesting.

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