Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angel Unaware

Angel Unaware: A Sherlock Holmes & Quantum Leap Slash Crossover Story -- by Legion

Angel Unaware is a 117 page spiral-bound, digest-sized, single-column zine released in 2001. It contains a single novella.

Sam/Al, Holmes/Watson, Watson POV.

Holmes helps Dr. Sam Beckett find himself, and makes a discovery of his own along the way. I was plenty sceptical about this crossover but it turns out to be quite a sweet story.

This story is also available online, although the printed version contains extra material.

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Anonymous said...

The old link to the story is dead, but you still can get it via WayBack Machine:

Yes, I just found this blog, and I'm reading from the beginning. Yes, I'm insane :P