Monday, December 7, 2009

Worth the Wound

Worth the Wound: a Sherlock Holmes Slash Anthology, issue 1

Worth the Wound #1 is a 50 page tape-bound, letter-sized, two-column zine released in 2004. It contains seven stories in total, all of which are Holmes/Watson--as well as illustrations and poetry. That's the official part over with, the bit I say about all the zines.

This is a zine I put together back in '04 and it would be fair to say it was the also the experience that taught me that I did not want to be an editor. Writer, poet, blogger, illustrator, fine. Editor, no. Never again. I am just not good at organisation, finances and all that jazz. Let alone storing a box of the damn things for the many years it took to sell them and ultimately give them away.

Despite all that I think the zine itself turned out fairly well. It retailed at $6 CDN, as I was in Canada at the time. There are no copies remaining and I very rarely see a used copy up for sale. However I will keep an eye out for online reprints and provide links when find one.

I will type out my own stories when I get a change. I have started with the introduction (linked below) as it seems and apt and efficient way to answer the questions raised by the very existence of this blog.

  • Introduction (Cherchez la Queer) -- Veinglory (3 pages)

  • Death and Falling -- Veinglory (3 pages)

  • Ask Me No Questions -- Cress (2 pages)

  • The Reichenbach Resolution -- Angelia (15 pages)

  • Invoking Mithras (poem) (1 page)

  • Touch and Go -- Cress (3 pages)
    --also available online

  • The Forfeits of Propriety -- by Veinglory (12 pages)

  • Confrontation -- by Indyana (4 pages)

  • Do There Embrace -- by Veinglory (1 page)

  • Prometheus Bound (Poem)

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