Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gay Book of Days by Martin Greif

The Gay Book of Days: An Evocatively Illustrated Who's Who of Who Is, Was, May Have Been, Probably Was, and Almost Certainly Seems to Have Been Gay During the Past 5000 Years
In The Gay Book of Days, Sherlock Holmes is chosen as the entry for his putative birthdate of January 6th.

The entry concludes: "For the sordid details of the famous marraige of true minds that followed, read Rex Stout's astonishing "Watson Was a Woman," in which the famous creatot of Nero Wolfe ... reveals that Watson and holmes were the most extraordinay gay team in sleuthing history." [pp.17-18]

[Record #13]


Cress said...

Well technically, if Watson was a woman, then they're hetero, not gay. But if we're just concluding that they're married, but not gender-swapped, then yeah, they are gay. :)

Emily Veinglory: said...

Yes, I think the implication is that all the evidence in that essay is that they are iin a relationship. The conclusion that therefore one of them must be female is not all that parsimonious....