Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Holds Barred #1

No Holds Barred, issue 1

No Holds Barred #1 is a 136 page spiral-bound, letter-sized, two-column zine released in 1992. It contains eighteen stories in total, four of which are Holmes/Watson or Holmes/other.

Untitled -- The Chronicler (2 pages)
A PWP with a very bemusing ending.

The Homecoming -- Ophelia (5 pages)
A first time story.

To Wake from the Nightmare -- Ophelia (12 pages)
Holmes struggles to adapt to the emotional and physical demands of a romantic relationship.

Akin to Love -- M. Clark (12 pages)
This story has a strong "voice". A little stilted but charming, and the dialogue is more reserved and plausible for men of their era. This story is a favorite of mine mostly for its style and characterisation than its content, which is a fairly standard first time story.

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