Friday, December 3, 2010

My Dearest Holmes


My Dearest Holmes -- by Rohase Piercy, a.k.a. John H. Watson 

My Dearest Holmes is a short novel or novella written in a slash-style with angst and longing--but also including two good mystery plots. It is probably the most successful work of long fiction depicting Holmes and Watson in a fully-realised homosexual relationship.

A great deal of this relative popularity may stem from the fact that it is simply a well written book.

Piercy is quoted as saying: "I believe the original author wanted us to deduce that Sherlock Holmes was gay." (Berger, 1988, pg. 17).

The "GMP" (Gay Mens Press) paperback edition was released in 1988. This edition is 141 pages, ISBN 0854490817.  Other known editions include: Gay Mens Press (1994: 9780854490813) and a recent self-published version via Booksurge (2007: 9781419676321).

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Pili said...

I loved this book. I bought some years ago in amazon and i think its a very particular and thoughtful version of the canon.
I always want more after their reunion, i would have loved to have more pages of Holmes and watson together!

leia said...

Thanks for posting this. :) Added it to my Kindle list.

Mainframe said...

I bought this book in 2009 and it is still, to this day, one of my favourite Holmes/Watson pastiches!

Holmes is very much in character and Watson is adorable - I wish I could find more Sherlock Holmes stories of this caliber.

There are two tales, one case rather feeds into the next with the last tale being a take on "The Empty House" and Holmes return to life ... However Holmes "death" has had a truly devastating impact on Watson in the three years he's been abroad.

You can buy this on Amazon!