Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Happy Breed of Men, This England

This Happy Breed of Men, This England is a 125 page comb-bound, letter-sized, oneo-column zine released in 1998 by Triffid's Leg Press. It contains 17 stories, three of which are Holmes/Watson. (This zine is 5% H/W)

Holmes, Sweet Holmes is a 4-page story written by J H Watson. It is a Watson POV first person first time story set after an original case.  It has an element of pathos that sets it apart from many other stories that cover similar ground.

In The Smoking Room is a 1-page drabble by Lindar which might be more effective if it had not followed a theme very similar to what had already been effectively covered by the preceding story.  (Watson-POV, first person).

The Case of the Dusty Coat is a 6-page story by Ophelia. It is Watson-POV, first person story of an established relationship. 

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