Monday, February 18, 2013

Kissing Sherlock Holmes

In Kissing Sherlock Holmes (by TD McKinney and Terry Wylis) Watson is surprised to find that Sherlock Holmes is engaged, and wants to practice the amorous arts to better romance his fiance. There follows a story of mutual exploration with a slash aesthetic (quite a bit of sex and a few small servings of angst)

I suppose everyone has a slightly different version of Holmes and Watson in their head.  This version is certainly charming, but Holmes seems perhaps a little too easy going and considerate when it comes to Watson and not all that sharp when it comes to the investigation.

The plot centers upon Holmes being engaged to a women as an excuse to be in her father’s household to investigate a very serious crime (she, meanwhile, believes the engagement to be genuine).  Both men take part in leading ladies on like complete cads and I was fairly sure I knew who the villain was within twenty pages.

Nevertheless the story becomes very engaging as the lives and loves of various characters come into play. The villain’s reasons were rather more nuanced than I expected.  And Holmes ends the story a little more true to his usual just-slightly-sociopathic form. The style is easy to ready but the use of American phrasing (like “gotten”) is sometimes a tad jarring.

Overall this is an enjoyable and entertaining story, although more in terms of being a slash romance than a Sherlock Holmes pastiche.

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