Thursday, June 7, 2012

GSH DeviantArt Usergroups

Deviantart is an artists' community that allows members to start up usergroups.  A good place to get your daily GSH fix.  Here are a few I know if:
  • johnsherlock: 690 Members, 686 Watchers, 1 Year Old. "A fan club for all who love and cherish the relationship between (BBC) John and Sherlock. Mature content welcome" This group has a large gallery well-sorted into themed  folders including one for mature art. The quality varies wildly but it is a fun selection.
  • Holmes-watson-slash: 2075 Members, 2656 Watchers, 2 Years Old. "We call it Shwatsonlock" Folders sorted by medium. Noticeably high quality stuff, especially the "featured" folder. A great variety of original and various fandoms. Contests.
  • Cox-and-co: 309 Members, 439 Watchers, 4 Years Old. "Sherlock Holmes Slash" Gallery lacks folders but this is still probably my favorite due to the number of great cartoons. 
  • Sherlock-Slash: 641 Members,  945 Watchers, 11 Months Old. "This group is for the love of Sherlock Holmes and anything slashy/friendship in 221B." Gallery folders are by fandom, which would be useful if you are more particular then me....

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