Saturday, April 23, 2011

Elementary Erotica now available

Elementary Erotica (Circlet Press)

Emet by Cornelia Grey is M/M, I don't know about the rest.

IMHO the cover art is a bit underwhelming.

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p.s. guest review anyone?


Anonymous said...

It's mostly M/M although I believe one story about Irene Adler is not. I have posted an excerpt from my story, which was included in the anthology, if you are interested. Mine is very explicit Victorian pornography, unlike the rest of the stories which are more plot-driven erotica. Please don't read it if you do not like this sort of thing or are not an adult:

Anonymous said...

To make the link above more accessible, click to read an excerpt from Elementary Erotica

Mighty Fast Pig said...

My story, "Songs without words", is the only hetero story in the collection. Everything else is focused on the Holmes-Watson relationship. I'm surprised Irene Adler didn't get more play.