Friday, March 4, 2011

For the Wish List

"Requiem Publications is pleased to announce that we are accepting orders for: A Sherlockian Salmagundi by L.A. Adolf, a Holmes/Watson Sherlock Holmes '09 movie SLASH (male/male) story collection. Full-sized zine, 186 pages - page count does NOT include the artwork! Cover and Interior Art by author, and a colour interior piece of art by Sekhmet. Loads of hurt/comfort and lots of love for our favourite detective and his stalwart companion. The stories are all SH09 inspired, but assume many different premises within that "universe" and were written for a closed community on LJ. Buying this fanzine is the only place you'll get to read these great stories. There are thirty-one stories included in this collection, and they range from two pages to twenty-six pages. You won't be disappointed in the amount of fic in this great collection!"

My copy is in the mail, review soon....

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