Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Modern Sherlocks?

EW reports that there are two Sherlock Holmes series ideas being floated.  Nothing overtly slashy.  CW has "Hawkshaw" about a mysterious modern descendent of Holmes (who may even think he actually is Holmes), while ABC is looking at "Baker Street Letters" about two brothers living at his old address and investigating cases still being sent there.

Of the two I think Hawkshaw shows more promise--but it is relentlessly heterosexual.  Described in Variety thusly: "“Hawkshaw” centers on a mysterious man in his 20s who doesn’t know his real identity — but believes that he’s either a descendent of Sherlock Holmes or is actually the literary sleuth. Hawkshaw’s psychiatrist thinks he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder — but her sister, a young cop, soon discovers Hawkshaw’s British charm and powers of deduction can help her solve crimes. Both sisters soon find themselves drawn to him (and perhaps battling for his affection)."

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