Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BBC Sherlock, the Alan Cummings Intro

I am always missing out on something. After failing to catch 'The Great Game' on PBS I was happy to get the unedited version from iTunes.  But apparently I missed a GSH mention in the introduction on PBS.

As Catholic Exchange reports, with some horror: "Perhaps most disturbing, the new “Sherlock” series needlessly forces speculation about the sexuality of one character or another. This was most glaringly evidenced in the introduction for the latest “Sherlock” by Alan Cumming, who asked, “Is [Sherlock Holmes] gay, straight, bi — who knows?”

Another blogger demoans the comment: "Last night I couldn't even get past Alan Cummings' introduction: "Gay, straight, or bi?" WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I imagine that Sir Conan Doyle is rolling in his grave!"



Pili said...

I went to read the Catholic Exchange report and couldnt finish. Honestly?
Quoting the bible? gafjdkajaksl.
Too much hate -.-


*comes back to her canon of Sherlock, a happier place*

Cress said...

Cumming's comment was really a neutral, throwaway remark. The intro was about how Sherlock is a workaholic, and he said, "Is he gay, straight, or bi? No one knows, because for Sherlock it's all about the cases." And then more in that vein. If you want, I'll rewatch my recording tomorrow and give you the exact words.

Just goes to show that some people can't even stand to hear the question posed, even though Cummings didn't offer an actual opinion on Sherlock's sexuality.

Cress said...

Okay here is the word for word transcript: "A compulsive and unrelenting need to work--workaholic. Sherlock Holmes is the original. All that matters is the work, he tells Dr. Watson. Does he have an intimate relationship with anyone? No. Is he gay, straight, bi? Who knows? Where does he like to vacation? Who does he like to vacation with? Nowhere and no one. Strange man. Some people think he's a psycopath. Watson thinks he's just hyperactive, a live wire with a brain that works with the speed of a particle collider. The rest of us don't use our brains enough; we don't understand that life is a puzzle full of clues played for high stakes. We see the world but miss the details. We're just ordinary mortals, and he... well, he's Sherlock Holmes."

cloakstone69 said...

Thank you, Cress! Posterity thanks you for your transcribing efforts. Does anyone else think that PBS knew the whole time? Or did Moffat/Gatiss write that intro for them? We shall see...