Sunday, August 22, 2010

Manga: Fin de Siècle Detective Club

If someone can sell me a copy of this, please email.

Seikimatsu Tantei Club/Fin de Siècle Detective Club by Yotsuya Simone (Japanese language)
Published in 1994 by Ohta Comics.

The first episode pits Sherlock Holmes against Arsene Lupin, a similarly famous French charcter who is a gentleman theif. Set in Paris this could be a wonderful story, but a rather clunky plot, strange motivation and absolutely implausible ploy devices this manga does not live up to its potential.

  • The Pink Pantzer: "Fin de Siecle Detective Club is dedicated to the very gay and very passionate love of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. I suppose that it could even be called a doujinshi, since it's blatantly based on Conan Doyle's work...."


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