Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alter Egos 1

Alter Egos, Issue 1 (Dog House Press)
Alter Egos is a 109 page spiral-bound, letter-sized, single-column zine released in 1996. It contains ten stories in total, including two Holmes/Watson stories. The other fandoms represented are Due South, The Professionals, Miami Vice and James Bond.

Matters of the Heart -- by An English Gentleman and HG (11 pages): Holmes/Watson, Watson POV. Set after the The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton: Watson is working on a gay romance story of his own whilst suffering from a cold and fever. This short story is a portrait of an established relationship in both its limitations and splendors.

 Journey's End -- by Mary Rose Watson (9 pages): Holmes/Watson, Watson POV. Set around the time of the Adventure of the Three Garridebs. Holmes is behaving strangely and having nightmares. Holmes finally discloses just how much he needs his Boswell and in what manner....

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Tripleransom said...

Matters of the Heart can be found at the AO3.