Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did PBS "de-gay" Sherlock

So, Sherlock episode 2.1 finally aired here in the US, in completely the wrong season for a mystery with a Xmas party scene. My response is about 50% 'Yay' and about 50% 'Meh'.

I find it interesting that many of the scenes that hit the cutting room floor relate to The Sherlock/John relationship or Sherlock a/sexuality. (Also removed, reference to Sherlock's drug use).

As witness:
  • Mycroft/Sherlock dialogue:  "Don't be alarmed; it's to do with sex." / "Sex doesn't alarm me." / "How would you know?"
  • John asking Mrs. Hudson about Sherlocs' relationship history/lack thereof.
  • Jeanette to John: "It's heartwarming: you would do anything for him ... You’re a great boyfriend… and Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man."
Other cuts weaken the continuity. Where did the lighter come from?

But more than anything my 'Meh' comes from giving us a lesbian dominatrix Irene and having her utterly besotted, defeated and rescued by Sherlock. How does that make her 'the woman'? 'The damsel', maybe.

P.S. If they have to cut something, I suggest Alan Cumming. But why not just play it in full FFS? The slot is call 'Masterpiece', not '85% of a Masterpiece'.

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Shoedog said...

I don't know why I watch it on PBS.

All I do is yell at the tv.

I must think I'm part of the Neilson Family and my vote