Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paen to Priapus Archives Online

A number of stories previously published in zines by Oblique Publications can be found here in .pdf form.

This includes Sherlock Holmes slash stories:
  • The Harbourmaster's Tale -- M. Fae Glasgow [Pæan to Priapus I]
  • Post Scriptum -- M. Fae Glasgow writing as Edi N. Burgh [Pæan to Priapus II]
  • After Marcini's -- M. Fae Glasgow writing as Gael X. Ile [Pæan to Priapus IV]
  • A Thrice Daily Injection -- Jane Mailander [Pæan to Priapus V]
  • If I Needed Someone -- M. Fae Glasgow writing as Emma Scot [Pæan to Priapus V]

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